Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Majlis Pelancaran My Little Heroes Yusuf & Bujibu di Astro Ria

Assalamualaikum :)

Alhamdulillah, kalini sis diberi peluang dan dijemput oleh Anmum Essential & Astro utk menghadiri pelancaran siri realiti TV terbaru " My Little Heroes Yusuf & Bujibu ".

Actress, host and entrepreneur Hanis Zalikha may be a familiar face to millions of Malaysians and has worn many hats throughout her career but she believes her recent
role as mum is her most important to date. Her dedication to her son Yusuf is her top priority and is
evident in the progression that her career has taken. Fans will soon get to see more of Hanis and her
family in this role as the brand new Ambassador for Anmum™ Essential and star of a new reality TV
series on ASTRO RIA (Channel 104), ‘My Little Heroes’.

Event take place di Blokke Café , Citta Mall .. rupe2nye baru tau Blokke Café tu owned by pengacara JJCM Naz & his wife Sheana .. sedap2 makanan yg diorg hidang..especially aiskrim !!! So thank you to event organizer & astro sbb bagi jemputan pd sis..dan for the goodies .. Jom saksikan rancangan     ' My Little Heroes Yusuf & Bujibu ' ya..

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